About Us

Alaska Ship Supply has proudly serviced Dutch Harbor’s local and commercial fishing communities since 1986. Dutch Harbor is home to the number one fishing port in North America. With direct access to the Bering Sea, the harbor transfers over a billion dollars of fish, mainly Cod and Pollock, each year.

Here at Alaska Ship Supply, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and ability to work flexibly with the seasonal fishing industry.

We are a company that understands what truly drives our success – our People. Many of our managers and employees have been with the Alaska Ship Supply for ten plus years making them experienced and knowledgeable in their departments. Dutch Harbor is a tight knit community, and many of our employees know their customers on a first name basis. On the flip side, many customers even know our employees by first name! Our customers have the unique opportunity to come into the store already knowing who they can rely on for advice on anything from marine hardware to automotive supplies.

Alaska Ship Supply strives to cater to the seasonality of the commercial fishing industry. For the fishing fleet, we understand timing is everything. (Customers may place advanced orders for pallets to be ready for delivery to their ship). This allows our customers to have access to the freshest, longest lasting produce possible as they head out to sea for weeks at a time. Cooks who need to pick up more ingredients do not always have access to transportation. Not a problem – we are more than happy to drive them to and from their ship!

Alaska Ship Supply is here for you. Let us know how we can streamline your experience!

Alaska Ship Supply is an extension of Western Pioneer, Inc. Western Pioneer, and its family of service companies, have served the commercial fishing industry and western Alaska communities since 1972. As a family owned and operated company, the business began shipping freight to and from Dutch Harbor and the Aleutian Islands. Western Pioneer freighters carried supplies and groceries north bound in support of growing Alaskan communities and were a necessary supply link for fishing vessels working the waters of western Alaska. Frozen crab, salmon and cod were carried to markets in Seattle on the return trip. In the 1980’s the company expanded to include a fuel and a ship supply store division.

Today, while no longer a shipping company, Western Pioneer, Inc. still leases commercial space and property in Dutch Harbor, AK as well as operates the Alaska Ship Supply and Captains Bay stores.