Don’t miss your last chance to gear up for the Bering Sea

We are a major hub for all the extreme weather gear needed to protect Fishermen from the elements. Crew members; forget to pack an extra pair of heavy duty gloves? We have you covered! Our staff can provide you with expert advice on necessary gear for your trip. Alaska Ship Supply’s clothing department has a variety and selection that can be compared to stores in the lower forty-eight. We offer dependable Raingear, Boots, Gloves, insulated Clothing, Hoodies with Brands like:

  • Grundens,
  • Helly Hansen
  • Red Ledge
  • Carharts
  • Xtra-Tuffs
  • Atlas and more.

Are you a fan of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” series?

Alaska Ship Supply logo clothing, as seen on all fourteen seasons of Deadliest Catch, is available for purchase online as well as at both our Alaska Ship Supply store locations! Don’t miss this opportunity to sport the same gear as your favorite crabbing celebrities.

Captains Bay

Our Captains Bay Store is located in Captains Bay on The Offshore Systems property and Industrial area. We support the Fishing Boat Crews & Dock Engineers for all the personal needs. We carry a smaller portion of most everything that we carry at the main store – Boots, Gloves, Rain Gear, Hoodies, Variety of Clothing and more.