What is the population of Dutch Harbor?
Approximately 4,000 residents.
What is there to do in Dutch Harbor?
Museums, Public Recreation Center, hiking, bird watching, beach combing.
Is there a Pharmacy in Dutch Harbor?
No, only drug dispensary at the clinic.
How many banks are in Dutch Harbor?
Only one, Key Bank, located just outside of Alaska Ship Supply.
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
What kind of medical services available?
Iliuliuk Family Clinic and life flight services to closest hospital (Anchorage).


Do you have fresh organic produce?
Only the leafy greens produce is pesticide free.
How does ordering a pallet work?
  • Email Grocery Department Manager Chiel Sablas, and he will respond to your request by sending you an updated version of our “Order Sheet”
  • Fill out the Order Sheet with your order, contact information, and date of arrival and we will handle the rest!
How long can a pallet be held?


Who do I contact with any question or concerns regarding accounts receivable or accounts payable?
Please contact our Finance Department located in our Seattle, WA office at [206-789-1930].
Do you sell only in bulk?
No, we have a wide selection of products sold in both individually and in bulk.
What if I do not have transportation to pick up my pallet?

We can deliver to your vessel! Please indicate delivery on your Order Sheet.

How do I pay for my order?
Alaska Ship Supply has a credit line system set up for our customers. Most customers pay on a 30-day term period.


Do you take credit card over the phone?
What size Sweatshirts do you carry?
XS – 5XL (Unisex)
Do your sweatshirts shrink?
What is your return policy?
Do you have children’s clothing?
Yes, though we have a limited selection.
Do you have Deadliest Catch items?
Yes, we carry Tee shirts and sweatshirts, all sizes. We do not carry any specific boat gear.
How will I know when my order has shipped?
You should receive an email with you confirmation number. All shipments are sent Priority Mail.


Do you carry chemicals used on boats?
Yes, we have Chlorine, Red Hot, Simple Green and more.


Do you have lumber, plumbing, electrical and electronic supplies?
Yes! Please talk to staff about special orders.
Do you have more furniture choices?
Yes! When you visit Alaska Ship, talk with our ACE Hardware department and we can order from additional furniture and appliances via catalog.


Do you do vehicle repair?
No, at this time we only provide tire repair and fluid changes.
Do you make key copies?
Do you have auto parts?
Yes! (If you do not see the parts you need we can special order them for you).